Wild Brewing Co is available for your special events. Please apply by filling out the form below. In a perfect world, we would be able to accommodate all inquiries. Due to the nature of our brewing process and possible conflicts with other events, we will not be able to approve all applications. You will only be contacted if your application is approved. Please leave a 30 day leeway on all requests. 

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Date of Event
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Wedding, Expo, Open House, Performance, Personal Event, etc.
Please give us a quick summary of the purpose of your event. Are you raising money for an organization? Bringing awareness to an issue? Bringing people together for a fun time?
Resale of Wild Brewing Co must be approved to ensure pricing is standardized across the province. If you intend on reselling our product for profit OR for fundraising purposes you must receive approval from Wild Brewing Co beforehand. Failure to inform Wild Brewing Co of your intended use of our product will result in denial of future requests.
Having a kegerator is not required. We may apply a deposit to your invoice for use of our equipment.
Product must be refrigerated. Failure to do so could result in faulty product or potentially dangerous pressurized kegs that could burst.
This is not required, but it will factor in the approval of your request, depending on what staff we have available for the event.
Social Media, Radio, Signage, etc. Not required for weddings or personal events.
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