What is it?

To put it simply, kombucha is a fermented tea that originated over 2000 years ago. It is full of probiotics, live bacteria and yeast. The end result of a brew is a cool, fizzy, refreshing beverage that also serves as a yummy and healthy alternative to pop.


  • Organic green and black tea
  • Organic evaporated cane sugar
  • Organic kombucha culture
  • Organic Cold Pressed Juice.
  • Organic or Wild Picked: Herbs, Spices, Fruits & Veggies.


At Wild Brewing Co, we love to experiment with different ingredients and enjoy working with what is in season. With that said, we have a few favourites. You can expect our refill locations to cycle through the following 5 flavours: 

  • Elderberry Lavender
  • Vanilla Cherry  
  • Blueberry Mint
  • Raspberry Ginger
  • Strawberry Basil

How is it made?

First, we source the highest quality ingredients from as close to the source as possible. Depending on the final flavour profile we are looking for, we will then steep green, black or white tea. After our tea has steeped for a predetermined amount of time, we dissolve organic cane sugar. Once our sweet tea is cooled off to a safe temperature, the SCOBY is added. SCOBY stands for Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. This is a living culture that consumes the sugar and nutrients provided by the sweet tea and produces a yummy probiotic rich kombucha over a 7-21 day ferment. We infuse different flavours into our kombucha during the fermenting process using real, organic ingredients.


Some records date back to the Qin Dynasty (220 BC) in China. There is also evidence that Genghis Khan and his men drank kombucha in the 12th century for vitality and strength. From Asia it traveled to Japan, Korea and finally Russia, where definite record keeping dates to the late 19th century.

What are it's BENEFITS?

Please keep in mind that kombucha is primarily a food and there are no prescriptions that say "take two swigs and your headache will be gone." Like anything, consume in moderation. Kombucha can...

  • Rebalance homeostasis in the body
  • Promote healthy gut bacteria
  • Support healthy liver function
  • Boost metabolism 
  • Improve digestion and bowel function
  • Rebuild connective tissue
  • Boost energy
  • Reduce blood pressure
  • Relieve headaches and migraines
  • Reduce occurrence and size of kidney stones
  • Destroy free radicals, which are known to cause cell damage
  • Aid in healthy cell regeneration
  • Improve eyesight
  • Heal eczema
  • Speed the healing of ulcers
  • Help clear up candidiasis (yeast infections)
  • Lower glucose levels